"Zlochesti Nokti"

In serbian “Zlochesti Nokti” means “nasty nails” in the most positive way. “Zlochesti Nokti” were created in 2008. as an artistic expression through nail art by an art lover from Novi Sad. Soon “Zlochesti Nokti” became the synonymous for modern and different nail art in Novi Sad area. Out of love for this new art, “Zlochesti Nokti” progressed steadily through a number of trainings, seminar and workshops. Nail game improvements brought positions in national and international nail competitions, as well as awards in online contests and photo contests.

If you want an exceptionally beautiful, professional and above all healthally safe manicure, whether you are lovers of mother-of-pearl, seamstress or elegant simplicity, you will not get disappointed from this salon! You will rarely find a technician with such expertise, certificates, equipment and professional approach. All praise for, in my opinion, the best salon in Novi Sad.

Una L. P.

For a long time I thought the problem was in my nails until I went to Dunja and realized that the problem was all the time in other manicures 😉 For all the banged women who are not careful and overweight with hands, the endurance guaranteed 🙂

Iveta M.

Best nails in town! The latest trends, top service and a relaxed environment … It’s a pleasure to let Zlochestja do her nails :*

Sanja P.

If you want your grown fingernails look better than a new one, vote 4 Zlochesti

Aleksandra R.