Zlochesti Nokti introduces a new nail technique – ‘Dip Powder System’ from NUGenesis, US nail brand. Dip powder is an innovative application technique to traditional acrylic and gel, that’s loved by consumers and nail & beauty professionals around the world.

Easy Dip Nail Technology - Zlochesti Nokti

Dip Powder Nails – Zlochesti Nokti

This innovative nail dip powder uses organically processed powder products combined with liquids enriched with Calcium and Vitamin E to give you strong, durable nails with a shiny finish. NuGenesis dip powder is non-toxic and odor free, with no harmful primers. Dip powder nails are a great choice for ladies who want true natural nail care.

Dip powder is a great alternative for those who are allergic to various ingredients in  gel or acrylic technique.  NUGenesis dip powders do not use ingredients found in gel and acrylic that are known to result in allergic reactions.
Nail & beauty professionals have experienced and seen the results of stronger natural nails after using the dip powder application. The results are typically visible immediately after the first application, but this could depend on the quality of the natural nail.

Watch Zlochesti Nokti  – Dip Powder System,  a tutorial how to use dip powder system.

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