The Story behind the nails

Getting our nails done has become somthing more then jus having a simple manicure. This beauty service was popular when it first appeared in the United States almost sixty years ago, but today it expanded to the whole world. From the trend,  nails have become a regular step in personal care menagement to millions of women around the world.

novi sad zlochesti nokti

Zlochesti Nokti

In serbian ‘Zlochesti Nokti’ means nasty nails in the most positive way. “Zlochesti Nokti” were created in 2008. as an artistic expression through nail art by Dunja Matovic from Novi Sad. Soon “Zlochesti Nokti” became the synonymous for modern and different nail art in Novi Sad area. Out of love for this new art, “Zlochesti Nokti” progressed through a number of trainings, seminar and workshops. Nail game improvements brought positions in national and international nail competitions, as well as awards in online contests and photo contests.

In addition to doing salon nails, ‘Zlochesti Nokti’ were engaged in various projects and local events. In July 2014. Zlochesti Nokti organized and presented the First Independent Nail Art Exhibition by Zlochesti Nokti for public in the exhibition area of contemporary culture centar ‘Culture Exchange’. This was the first exhibition of its kind in Novi Sad. During the exhibition, Novi Sad audience was able to see the latest nail art trends and techniques in nail modeling through the design of ‘Zlochesti Nokti’.

After many years of cooperation and appearing at the Belgrade Fair of Cosmetics “The Touch of Paris” with known aesthetic Academy Atelier LK,  Dunja Matović and Zlochesti nails acquired the educator status in the departement of nail art and design in 2016. Trainings are dedicated to advancing and developing new types of nail art to be used as an integral part of salon designs.

‘Zlochesti Nokti’ today are a project, which in collaboration with the great masters of the profession, brands, fashion designers and organizations positions nail art as the new art of the modern age.

In the ‘Zlochesti Nokti’ beauty workshop, making nails represents a high quality approach to modern nail modeling and  design, following the latest trends and new technology materials. Offering clients one on one treatment with top quality products.