NailTrend: NYFW Fall/Winter 2017 Runway Nails

As summer comes to its end, we all got a little bored with neon and bright colors. But autumn is just around the corner, coming to our rescue with its grey scale tones. NYFW sets the trends for colors, patterns, clothes and nails. Although, the event was in February, now is the time to catch up with the designs for the season.

Here are 4 popular designs from the runways, to get inspired for the coming season.

Pastel & Pearly Shades

The pearly effect is deffinetly making a comeback to fashion this winter. Pair them with a matte top coat, for a frosty finish. Nudes are still big this season.

Bold Colors

From electric red to chameleon pigments on dark bases, for girls on fire.
Negative Space & minimalistic designs.

Negative Space

Negative space design is recommended for achiving a more stking look. Japan and Asia were the firt to be overrunned by minimalistic design, and the rest of the world isnt falling behinde.

Complex Nail Art

Nail Art, is in fact, a way of creative expression. Some serious nail art was seen on the runways for this season. It was clear that some brands are ready to take nails and fashion to another level. Which comfirms that nails and nail art , are in fact a legit part of a womans look.

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